Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1. After reading this chapter in your own words, define Postmodern Art?
Postmodernism is more conceptual and abstract. There is no clear meaning to the work, and it is often very aesthetic.

2. Why is Feminism or Feminist Art considered Post Modern?
The poststructuralists refused to accept them in the art world because they thought it was impossible and horrible to make women's essence essential. They thought it was very unappealing... They were put into the postmodern category because they were really pushing different views and not conforming to the old ways.

3. Pick one of the following artists: Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson or Paul McCarthy. Describe their artwork and then give reasons why it is Post Modern.
They are postmodern because they are all centered around a concept or idea, but it is very abstracted. It's all about subjects or conditions that no one really wants to talk about. They are very taboo in a way. They were probably all looked down upon when it come to poststructuralists.

4. Find an artist on The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program Web site that relates to your drawing for this project. How does there art relate to your concept, subject and style.
I love how Jason D. Watson combines his sketches from life with designs that remind me of comics and graffiti at the same time. There is also a sketchy unfinished quality to his work that I have always loved... it's done, but not done and that's what gives it such beauty. I would like to do something like this for my final project to collage everything together. Mixed media is the way to go.

Friday, April 9, 2010

a. In your own words how would you define Formalism?
Formalism is a type of art that tries to eliminate all ties to direct content or symbolism. It is purely design and the focus is how the shapes, angles, colors and lines work together and coexist in the same space. It is purely aesthetic and can stand alone without a true purpose.

b. Kadinsky, Mondrian, and Malevich are all considered to be early Morn Abstractionists. After looking at their art which artist do you think best fits into your own definition of Formalism and why?
I believe that Mondrian was the true formalist out of the three. He took away anything and everything that could hint at a recognizable concept or point. He purely used line and color on the most basic, yet intriguing level. It moves your eye, and it makes definitely makes me go back to the basics of art. The primary colors, and learning how to make straight lines... I like it.

c. Pick one of these artists and discuss how their artwork fits into Formalism?
Kandinsky is my favorite artist from this movement. He uses color in a way that no one ever had before. At least not to this exaggerated extent. He shows complete control over the colors he uses, with absolutely no regards to realism. His more abstract paintings show a flow and movement that makes you feel like you're looking at music instead of hearing it. There is nothing that makes sense visually that points you to that conclusion. It is purely through color and line that he accomplishes this feat. This definitely qualifies him as a great formalist.

d. Find an artist on The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program Web site that relates to your drawing for this project. How does there art relate to your concept, subject and style?
Julie Graham is probably the closest to what I'll be doing. I want to use simple marks to convey motion, and she swells all of these small marks into waves that carry themselves from place to place conveying movement and time. I like her work.