Friday, March 5, 2010

a. What is the difference between Expressionism and Cognitivisim? To answer this question you must define each word first.

Expressionism is more about feeling and teaching the audience, may, or may not happen. Cognitivism is much more factual. The art has more of a fixed goal when it comes to educating an audience on a certain matter. They are both about sharing emotion, but Cognitivism is more focused on a certain point that the artist wishes to convey.

b. Without quoting Tolstoy, what is his definition of art?

Art is a way to convey feelings or past experiences without using words. With just one glance, the feelings are understood in some way. Not everyone perceives it the same, but the general feeling should be transferred to the audience.

c. What is the role of the viewer in Collingwood’s definition of art?

The viewer is supposed to be actively thinking and participating while they view the art. The artist attempts to communicate their feelings, and in response, the viewer must attempt to decipher those same feelings in a way that makes sense and has meaning to them as well.

d. Discuss the use of metaphor in Louis Bourgeois and Kiki Smith’s art?

For Bourgeois, the use of a metaphoric idea is more abstract. The work, Cell XXV (The View of the World of the Jealous Wife), really makes sense. The wife is stuck with the thoughts of her and the other woman, they just go round and round in her head, with no escape. then when it comes to Kiki Smith's work, Daughter, She shows what the charactor could have been like. Everyone has a little bit of wolf in them, she could even be using this phenomenon to bring a certain childhood story to mind.

e. Find an artist on The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program Web site that relates to your drawing for this project. How does there art relate to your concept, subject and style?

Anna Fidlers work really appeals to me. I love all of the detail and color she places in her paintings. She focuses on the unseen energies of the world. I love the stippling she does to represent this. I plan on including many of her properties in my art, although, my initial inspiration for this project came from Kay Nielsen... Fidlers really reminds me of her in some ways though, when it comes to her mark making.