Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 3-6, Chapter 2

a. In your own words define realistic art.
Realistic art is characterized by being easily recognizable and the representation very obvious.

b. How does Plato define good art?
Plato believes that there should be a good balance of beauty and unity, he believes that all beautiful things share certain characteristics. Most importantly, he believes that good art should project higher values such as truth and good behavior.

d. In your own words, how would Aristotle define good art?
Aristotle believes that good art is proportionate, or has perfect form. he then links this form to function. Both working together is what he finds beautiful. Functional beauty, perfectly proportioned. He doesn't focus on meaning as strongly as Plato.

e. In your personal philosophy is “obscene" art a contradiction of terms? Why or why not? On a technical level, no. Art is supposed to communicate emotion. If lust is being communicated, that is a legitimate emotion. However, I do not believe that meaningless sex acts are beautiful, or artistic. They are purely for carnage and emotionally detached sexual acts. There is no emotion in that for me, personally.

f. Are vivid sexual images more obscene that vivid images of violence, poverty, display of extreme wealth or sickness?
Images of hardship are meant to convey a point or principle, even a problem in society vivid sexual images could be used that way if displayed properly, although, more often than not they are displayed for very petty reasons. That is the sole difference.

g. Find an artist on The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program Web site that relates to your drawing for this project. How does there art relate to your concept, subject and style?
Simone Haack has a style similar to mine. They are very emotional. For this project I am also the same technique, coming out of the gloom, unrest, and violent confusion. I like how dark and emotional these pieces are. They contrast nicely with the goal I have for my project.